Greetings, dear visitors. In the course of my enduring journey as a repack artist since 2014, I have encountered a series of inquiries of recurring nature. Allow me to elucidate these matters with poise and precision:

Q: What impels you to undertake the arduous craft of repack creation? A: My enduring fascination with the intricacies of data compression serves as the wellspring of my pursuit. Though atypical, this preoccupation finds its embodiment in my unconventional journey as a repack artist.

Q: May I humbly beseech you to undertake the repackaging of game M? My desire for it is palpable. A: I am profoundly grateful for your interest, though I must respectfully decline specific repack requests. I beseech you to refrain from soliciting the creation of bespoke repacks, as such entreaties shall regrettably be disregarded. Anticipation for the “Day of Requests” is the appropriate recourse, during which I entertain and consider submissions.

Q: What criteria govern your selection of games to be repackaged? A: The process of determining the eligibility of a game for repackaging is an intricate amalgamation of factors. Complexity, compressibility, and even meteorological considerations are but a few variables that interplay in this discernment.

Q: Do you identify as a female? A: With a faint sigh, I shall graciously defer to the next query.

Q: May I entreat you to re-upload repack Z? The availability of magnets, torrents, and file hosters has, alas, dissipated. A: Lamentably, I extend my apologies, but for repacks aged beyond the temporal threshold of three months, I must refrain from offering reuploads and seeding. My seedboxes remain encumbered by spatial constraints, and my capacity to expand is contingent upon contributions, which have regrettably remained modest.

Q: Might you indulge us with your nomenclature and place of habitation? A: While my name remains a superfluous detail, my present domicile finds itself within the borders of Latvia. However, it is noteworthy that I was birthed in Russia and spent the majority of my formative years within its precincts.

Q: When might we anticipate your engagement in cracking game N? A: The distinction between my craft and the realm of cracking must be unequivocally delineated. I, as a repacker, am unacquainted with the art of programming and cracking. My sphere of competence is intricately woven with the art of compression, not the intricate facets of game cracking.

Q: I, too, aspire to embark on the journey of repacking. Pray, what guidance do you impart? A: To those who embark upon this noble pursuit, I extend my counsel with an air of gravitas. Peruse the following portals with assiduous diligence:

  • FileForums (English-language forums)
  • Krinkels (Russian-language forums, aided by Google Translate)
  • Encode (English-language general compression forum)

Q: Are there fellow repackers whose work you endorse and recommend? A: Indeed, there exists a cadre of reputable compatriots in this vocation. I proffer my commendations to RG Mechanics, RG Revenants, RG Catalyst, Xatab, El Amigos, Kapital Sin, and KaosKrew (for rips). In these hands, one finds safety and excellence assured.

Q: Is there a digital footprint on Facebook or other social platforms bearing your name? A: I emphatically assert that I have not, do not, and shall not establish a presence on Facebook or any analogous social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. This website, in its entirety, stands as the sole legitimate conduit for FitGirl Repacks. Any incursion via a purported “Facebook FitGirl Page” is unequivocally the machination of an impostor.

Q: With what tools and methodologies do you undertake game compression? A: My arsenal is chiefly fortified by the formidable FreeArc, abetted by Inno Setup as the installation apparatus. Though, it merits mention that the rare exigencies of certain games may necessitate alternative compressors. Yet, in an overwhelming 99.9% of instances, FreeArc reigns supreme.