Astro Hunters VR v1.1.9

Astro Hunters VR v1.1.9 - Featured Image
Game Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
Publishers: Wenkly Studio
Themes: Action, Science fiction, Open world
Game Modes: Multiplayer, Co-operative
Player Perspectives: Virtual Reality
Languages: ENG

Astro Hunters VR takes virtual reality gaming to new heights as players step into the shoes of interstellar adventurers. In this mesmerizing open-world action game, the vastness of space becomes their playground, offering endless opportunities for exploration, thrilling combat, and strategic decision-making.

Whether venturing alone or with friends, Astro Hunters VR offers a seamless multiplayer experience. Players can collaborate to tackle formidable enemies, discover hidden secrets, or just simply revel in the magnitude of the cosmos together. With the ability to form teams, strategize, and communicate, the cooperative multiplayer mode enhances the already thrilling gameplay and expands the potential for epic adventures.

As soon as players strap on their VR headsets, they are transported to a visually stunning galaxy teeming with diverse and magnificent planets. Each celestial body is meticulously crafted with breathtaking attention to detail, making every expedition a feast for the eyes. From lush alien rainforests to rugged, inhospitable terrains, the planets offer a rich variety of environments to be discovered.


Repack Features

  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
  • Selective Download feature: you may skip downloading and installing of 4K videos (1080p ones are included by default), optional videos (tutorials+ credits) and bonus content (OST + ArtBook)
  • At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repack
  • Significantly smaller archive size
  • Game version: v1.1.9
  • Copy contents of “_Windows 7 Fix” folder to the game root to play on Windows 7
  • Goldberg crack/emu applied over instead of a faulty TENOKE crack (crashes on Windows 7)
  • Language can be changed in game settings
  • If you see a black screen/other error upon launch, just close the game and run it again (may require more than 1 restart)


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Astro Hunters VR Screenshot 4 Astro Hunters VR Screenshot 5

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