Cobalt Core v3.2.1

Cobalt Core v3.2.1 - Featured Image
Game Genres: Puzzle, Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Tactical, Indie, Card & Board Game
Publishers: Brace Yourself Games
Themes: Science fiction
Game Modes: Single player
Game Engines: MonoGame
Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI9

Cobalt Core is an exhilarating and immersive sci-fi roguelike deckbuilder that takes players on an epic journey through time loops and high-stakes tactical combat. Set in a dystopian future where Earth’s resources have been depleted, players assume the role of a fearless pilot who must navigate through treacherous skies, engaging in intense battles against powerful opponents. With a unique single-axis spin on tactics games, Cobalt Core offers an innovative and strategic gameplay experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

But the battles are just the beginning. Cobalt Core’s captivating storyline unfolds as you delve deeper into the mysteries of the time loops that plague the universe. With each successful mission, you progressively uncover more clues, gradually piecing together the enigmatic puzzle surrounding the Cobalt Core. Unraveling the secrets behind these loops becomes a race against time, as failure could mean cataclysmic consequences for the very fabric of reality.

With its immersive world, captivating storyline, and addictive gameplay, Cobalt Core promises endless hours of excitement and challenge. Will you have what it takes to survive the intense battles, uncover the truth behind the time loops, and save the universe from impending doom? Jump into the cockpit, pilot, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Cobalt Core.


Repack Features

  • Installation takes 2-3 minutes
  • Copy contents of “_Windows 7 Fix” folder to the game root to play on Windows 7
  • Repack uses XTool library by Razor12911
  • Significantly smaller archive size
  • NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • Make sure you have Visual Studio Redist 2019 Package installed before installing this repack
  • You may skip downloading and installing of the videofile, not used in-game
  • Due to using Windows 10/11 exclusive DirectStorage/GDeflate technologies installing this repack on older OSes is not supported
  • Game version: v3.2.1


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Cobalt Core Screenshot 4 Cobalt Core Screenshot 5 Cobalt Core Screenshot 6

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