Ichima-san v2.1.8

Ichima-san v2.1.8 - Featured Image
Game Genres: Adventure, Indie
Themes: Action
Game Modes: Single player
Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI26

Ichima-san is a mind-bending stealth action RPG that seamlessly blends the charm of traditional Japanese culture with the thrill of covert infiltration. As the protagonist, an enigmatic and highly advanced Japanese traditional doll endowed with astounding agility and intelligence, you find yourself embarking on a daring adventure through a mesmerizingly detailed Japanese household.

With a world rendered in exquisite detail, players are immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Japanese architecture. From sliding doors to intricately decorated tatami rooms, each room is meticulously designed to recreate the essence of an authentic Japanese home. Navigate through the sprawling house, evading the ever-watchful eyes of the human inhabitants who, unbeknownst to them, share their living space with the supernatural.

Exquisite visuals complemented by a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack transport players to a realm where tradition collides with the supernatural. Whether it’s exploring the delicate beauty of a traditional Japanese garden bathed in moonlight or tiptoeing through a pitch-dark room, each moment is crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery.


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Repack Features

  • Language can be changed in game settings
  • Goldberg crack/emu applied over instead of a faulty TENOKE crack (crashes on Windows 7)
  • You may skip downloading and installing of the videofile, not used in-game
  • 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
  • Installation takes 2-3 minutes
  • If you see a black screen/other error upon launch, just close the game and run it again (may require more than 1 restart)
  • Due to using Windows 10/11 exclusive DirectStorage/GDeflate technologies installing this repack on older OSes is not supported
  • The game MUST be run as admin
  • Alternative CODEX/FAiRLiGHT/Goldberg cracks/emus located in the NoDVD folder after installation
  • Repack uses XTool library by Razor12911


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Ichima-san Screenshot 4 Ichima-san Screenshot 5

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