Sanya v1.8.7

Sanya v1.8.7 - Featured Image
Game Genres: Point-and-click, Puzzle, Adventure
Publishers: Helpnode
Game Modes: Single player
Player Perspectives: Side view
Languages: ENG/MULTI10

In the enchanting world of Sanya, players embark on a captivating 2D narrative adventure that transports them back to the heartwarming nostalgia of childhood memories. Set in a small post-soviet Russian town in the iconic era of the 90s, the game follows the endearing journey of a young boy named Sanya, his faithful dog, and a colorful cast of friends.

As players navigate Sanya’s world, they will experience the joy and innocence of carefree summers spent exploring the town’s hidden nooks and crannies. From chasing butterflies in sun-drenched meadows to building secret forts in the dense forests, every moment is imbued with the magical essence of childhood.

Sanya’s adventures draw players into a tapestry of heartwarming stories filled with innocent mischief, extraordinary discoveries, and the bonds of everlasting friendship. Uncover secrets tucked away in the town’s historical sites, uncovering hidden treasures that reveal the town’s past and leave a lasting impact on Sanya’s journey.


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Repack Features

  • Installation takes 2-3 minutes
  • Goldberg crack/emu applied over instead of a faulty TENOKE crack (crashes on Windows 7)
  • Selective Download feature: you may skip downloading and installing of 4K videos (1080p ones are included by default), optional videos (tutorials+ credits) and bonus content (OST + ArtBook)
  • NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
  • Make sure you have Visual Studio Redist 2019 Package installed before installing this repack
  • If you see a black screen/other error upon launch, just close the game and run it again (may require more than 1 restart)
  • The game MUST be run as admin
  • Due to using Windows 10/11 exclusive DirectStorage/GDeflate technologies installing this repack on older OSes is not supported
  • Game version: v1.8.7
  • At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repack


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