Solium Infernum v3.3.3

Solium Infernum v3.3.3 - Featured Image
Game Genres: Strategy, Indie
Publishers: League of Geeks
Themes: Fantasy, 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate)
Game Modes: Single player, Multiplayer
Player Perspectives: Bird view / Isometric
Languages: ENG/MULTI4

Solium Infernum is a deeply immersive and strategic video game that places players in the treacherous depths of Hell. As a fallen Archfiend, it is your ultimate goal to ascend the Infernal Throne and become the new ruler of the Underworld.

The turn-based gameplay of Solium Infernum challenges you to balance your resources, manage your realms, and weave intricate webs of deceit. Engage in diplomatic negotiations, strike devilish bargains, and unleash devastating rituals that can reshape the very fabric of Hell itself.

The game offers an unprecedented level of customization, allowing you to create your own Archfiend with unique abilities, attributes, and playstyle. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to recruit champion praetors, powerful beings who will fight alongside your legions and unlock formidable abilities, further enhancing your strategic options.


Repack Features

  • You may skip downloading and installing of the videofile, not used in-game
  • Goldberg crack/emu applied over instead of a faulty TENOKE crack (crashes on Windows 7)
  • Installation takes 2-3 minutes
  • If you see a black screen/other error upon launch, just close the game and run it again (may require more than 1 restart)
  • Alternative CODEX/FAiRLiGHT/Goldberg cracks/emus located in the NoDVD folder after installation
  • Copy contents of “_Windows 7 Fix” folder to the game root to play on Windows 7
  • Repack uses XTool library by Razor12911
  • 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
  • The game MUST be run as admin
  • Due to using Windows 10/11 exclusive DirectStorage/GDeflate technologies installing this repack on older OSes is not supported


Solium Infernum Screenshot 1 Solium Infernum Screenshot 2 Solium Infernum Screenshot 3
Solium Infernum Screenshot 4 Solium Infernum Screenshot 5 Solium Infernum Screenshot 6

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