Speakeasy v3.1.9

Speakeasy v3.1.9 - Featured Image
Game Genres: Simulator, Indie
Themes: Drama, Romance
Game Modes: Single player
Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI7

Speakeasy is an immersive video game that transports players back to the intoxicating allure of the Prohibition era in Los Angeles. Set against the backdrop of a secret and scandalous jazz club, players take on the role of Cora West, a captivating and adventurous young woman. Cora finds herself entangled in a web of forbidden romances and dangerous liaisons, all hidden within the dimly lit corners of the speakeasy. As the player, you have the power to shape Cora’s fate.

Will you choose to navigate the treacherous path of love, unravel the mysteries behind the club’s dangerous clientele, or take control and become a powerful figure in the city’s criminal underworld? The power lies in your hands as you explore the possibilities and consequences of your actions.

In Speakeasy, players navigate through a richly detailed world filled with vibrant characters, each with their own secrets and desires. The choices you make for Cora will determine her destiny. Will she find true love amidst the chaos, or will the allure of power lead her astray? As you guide Cora through a myriad of encounters, relationships will flourish and hearts will break. The consequences of your decisions will unfold in unexpected ways, spinning a captivating and unpredictable narrative.


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Repack Features

  • Alternative CODEX/FAiRLiGHT/Goldberg cracks/emus located in the NoDVD folder after installation
  • If you see a black screen/other error upon launch, just close the game and run it again (may require more than 1 restart)
  • NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
  • Selective Download feature: you may skip downloading and installing of 4K videos (1080p ones are included by default), optional videos (tutorials+ credits) and bonus content (OST + ArtBook)
  • The game MUST be run as admin
  • At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repack
  • Due to using Windows 10/11 exclusive DirectStorage/GDeflate technologies installing this repack on older OSes is not supported
  • Significantly smaller archive size
  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • Goldberg crack/emu applied over instead of a faulty TENOKE crack (crashes on Windows 7)


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